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27 Oct 2014 

What do you do when you are physically incapable of eating? When food becomes a burden, rather than a photographable luxury; when it doesn't look pretty and neither do you, how do you relate -- re-relate -- to food?

About five years ago, I was diagnosed with an rare condition called idiopathic condylar resorption. Essentially, at age 17, I was told that my jaw joints had completely disintegrated. This, aside from causing constant, intense pain, had caused my chin to recede down and back into my face, leaving me with a completely "open" bite in which none of my teeth touched except my molars, as well as a distorted facial appearance. The solution to my diagnosis, which had only come after about two years of searching, was a complete reconstructive maxillofacial surgical procedure. The eight and a half hour ordeal would entail upper and lower jaw repositioning, double jaw joint replacement with prosthetics, and fat grafts from my stomach to my face to prevent unwanted bone growth.

It was as harrowing as it sounds. The worst part, however, came in the weeks which followed. The "healing" process.

Although my mouth was never wired shut, I had a complete set of surgical braces which connected top to bottom teeth with intricately woven rubber bands, as well as a large metal wafer behind my top front teeth. As if this wasn't incentive enough not to open my mouth, I was given the express instructions: do not chew your food for four months.

For most foodies -- for anyone, really -- this task would require a Herculean effort. It does seem, in retrospect, a punishment worthy of Greek Mythology, akin to, perhaps, Tantalus. Although, unlike Tantalus, who could never actually get the food or water into his mouth, I was able to get that far. Only then was I stopped dead in my tracks. Don't chew.

I was unfazed by the unavoidable damage this would reap not only on my diet, but on my overall person. Post-surgery, I was so filled with drugs that the thought of food was entirely uninteresting, even off-putting. For the first two weeks following my surgery, I barely ate at all.

Week three and my unintentional fast needed to be broken. I was feeling horrible; the only way I would really start to recover, my surgeon informed me, was by eating. The thought was abysmal. Eating, up until that point in my life, had been a joyous, fulfilling (literally) event. As most healthy people do, I ate with friends and family, in restaurants or around a kitchen table. I loved the sensations of eating, of crunching on vegetables and tearing into crusty breads. I ate because I was hungry; I ate because I loved food.

That was no longer an option. I wasn't hungry. I couldn't eat with friends or family because I didn't have the strength, neither physical, nor emotional, for it. I could no longer eat the way I wanted to. I was greatly restricted in what I could eat, and juices, soups, and yogurts became the staples of my diet. My relationship to food was completely altered in that the control -- in everything from when I wanted to eat, what I wanted to eat, and how I wanted to eat -- was no longer in my hands.

For those who suffer eating disorders, for those who must diet, or otherwise restrict or consume for the sake of their health, or for those for whom food is strictly necessity rather than luxury, I'm sure my experience is all too familiar. This physical/emotional trauma of losing ones control over the experience of food is profound, and left me frail and deeply depressed. Instagram wasn't a thing back in 2010, but, had it been, I can only imagine what my pictures would have shown: a large syringe filled with narcotic-laced chocolate protein shake, (this was the way I had to take pills, as my mouth didn't open wide enough for me to fit substantial food or drug items inside) a bowl of dark green just-pureed vegetables, to which shakeology for sale my mother, in her haste to get me to eat, hadn't thought to add any flavoring to make it desirable, let alone edible, and a slice of clumsily home made, over-frosted Duncan Hines cake (strangely enough, this was the only type of "food" I craved, as I imagined the cake would melt in my mouth.) Not a pretty sight for any future Food-stagramer.

I would eat the cake, relishing its artificial sweetness and taste, relishing the fact that I was eating it because I wanted to eat it, relishing the reminder of what food was like before the operation. If I had had my way, I would have subsisted solely on cake. When my mother refused me any more until I ate the vegetables, I wept like a child. In many ways, I was a child again, with my mother controlling the foods I ate and withholding sweets. I had just finished my senior year of high school and was about to start college in the fall. Asserting my independence was, at that time, more important than it had ever been. And never had I felt more dependent or helpless. The loss of control food led to a more complex loss of control over my life. The dependency I learned during those weeks took me years to overcome. If there is anything shakeology beachbody my surgery taught me, it is that food is not just relevant, but absolutely necessary to all aspects of mental, physical and emotional well-being.

So where am I now? I have healed. My jaw works, I can chew, and the pain is gone. Food has, once again, become a source of happiness, entertainment, and togetherness in my life. But I will never forget those early post-op weeks. I Instagram my food, nowadays, with what serves for me as a deeper purpose, a reminder. Yes, this chocolate almond croissant is gorgeously photogenic. But what's more, I can eat it. And for that, I will celebrate it. Follow my celebration of food on Instagram at @a_polkes.

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27 Sep 2014 
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We have seen the Beachbody Insanity and P90X work out infomercials on night time TV, but exactly how many people know which program is a better fit for our personal fitness needs. Sure, if they ask and when the opportunity presents itself you can show them what you are going to do and also you both will reap the benefits of it, nevertheless the power behind the Coach opportunity is within the goods that you'll promote. That depends on which workout program you're following - it might be as little as half an hour to a little over an hour or so on days when you've two workouts scheduled.

Packed with great music and movies, it is the ultimate jam work out series!. If you have a huge insufficient energy maybe supplements will help. Celebrate your successes and hang up new goals when you progress. Whats sensible about this is the fact that you can do this any variety of times a week.

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15 Sep 2014 
When the elements gets warmer most people are on the search for getting in shape. Enough time has to become invested in it, hard work, dedication, and also the passion to work at your goal is required. If you belong for the second group, then this article is perfect for you.

The retail shop that you simply commonly go to printing will give you discount rates and discount coupons. Less caloric consumption team symbiotic p90 workout is the true secret to reduce belly fat. The Impeccability of Engines under the Hood.

Including some form of meditation together together with your workouts can provide positive benefits for both body and mind. These three disciplines require outstanding endurance and strength. † Basically the instructor leads a class through different poses and breathing exercises inside a really hot room. However, designer dresses will always be body conscious and also you should get the best design which will flaunt your body shape whether you are attending a party, promo or any fun occasion.

It's the latest fad. For example, the boxing training alone requires 16-ounce gloves on each hand going to the pads. For example, the boxing training alone requires 16-ounce gloves on each hand to hit the pads. Shipping cost needs to be determined only by distance and quantity and not automatically value of the ticket.

If you’re determined to obtain into shape, you will find time throughout the week to do everything you need to do. It is also important to couple your exercise routine with proper diet and nutrition. Keep your dedication alive, work as hard when you possibly can, exercise, and go for healthier lifestyle choices are the only causes. Shipping cost should be determined only by distance and quantity and not automatically value of the ticket.

Get a Ripped Body the Right Way. First and foremost, you have to know your body type and shape. Your ideal breakfast must comprise of oatmeal together with low fat milk. You may include a whole wheat wrap with lettuce together with sprouts. So you might have to develop the habit of planning to bed just a little earlier and getting out of bed a bit earlier so as to make room for any fitness routine.

Boot Camps:† Sounds scary right?† Maybe, but they will also be fun! You can get a fantastic workout as you run through the city and prevent in local parks for push ups, squats, jumping jacks etc. What that you can do instead is gather your friends and play sports. Continually being properly hydrated will allow it to be simpler to alleviate that bloated feeling, will reduce cravings, and gives you a a feeling of well-being that can steer you from oily or sugary snacks.

To sum up regular aerobic fitness exercise helps in avoiding ailments such as hypertension, diabetes, heart disease, depression and also cancer. We specialize in affordable prom dresses, evening dresses, and bridesmaids dresses. You could also make your own low fat recipes in your own home to avoid boredom and relish the belly reduction program thoroughly.

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07 Sep 2014 
Yoga and Stress. However, due to the physical demands of yoga, it is essential for each yoga instructor to emphasize yoga student safety in all yoga classes. They consider a yoga teacher or perhaps a monk instructing an organization on the way to meditate once they hear the term yoga meditation. We feel a gnawing sensation inside the belly, we might get shaky, we get nervous or angry or anxious and we all know that it is definitely an unpleasant sensation.

Changes in blood flow. † For optimum results, however, it is better to have a minimum of thirty minutes of aerobic exercise daily. † It is firm, very durable, comes with a lifetime warranty, and following the break in period, will provide excellent grip for all styles of yoga, even heated classes. Some students may well not realize the real difference in pain that comes from spending so much time and pain from pushing the body too hard.

Yoga is becoming more body fitness, body oriented, as well as the true basis for practicing yoga may be forgotten. The word vinyasa translates to mean a group of breath synchronized movements. High levels of sugar will work as a supply of nutrition for your yeast and make it take over.

Overall:† 5 / †Yogis around the move will love this mat. It is gaining popularity in the present fitness community, and you can locate a class with like-minded individuals just about anywhere. Hormone excretion is regulated. Prayanama will assistance to normalize their size and increase the risk for red corpuscles circulate in every areas of the body, infusing life and vigor throughout. † Fitting for all types of Yoga, super sweaty classes may reap the benefits of an absorbent yoga towel on top.

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10 Jan 2014 
BWW Fitness World - Covering Everything Fitness!

World Renowned Classical Pianist Lang Lang to Perform with Metallica on Grammy Awards, 1/26World Renowned Classical Pianist Lang Lang to Perform with Metallica on Grammy Awards, 1/26
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